Reliance Beauty & Health (RBH) is your reliable partner in the development of beauty and health care products that ride the latest technology and feature innovative design. We have years of experience and strong ties with beauty & health manufacturers over China, ensuring that our customers always get what they want.  Our priority is to provide cutting-edge products, innovative marketing, impeccable customer service to all our professional clients. Our success is measured by the commitment to our customers and their long-term relationships with us.

GMP Certified production facilities with state of the art production equipment.

Our manufacturing plant are both GMP and ISO22716 certified, attesting to our advanced scientific know-how and thorough quality control validation steps, ensuring you only receive products of the highest caliber. Our QA department continually monitors processes according to the highest international requirements to guarantee optimal standards and product quality.

reliancebh - health & beauty

Good sense for new developments

RBH’s broad insight means we have a good sense for new developments. We seek out and identify trends. An idea can originate anywhere: from a raw material, smarter packaging, or equipment modification. We are passionate about sharing the most exciting ideas with our clients. To inspire them and to create new concepts together.

Turns great ideas into great products.

We work collaboratively with clients on turning new concepts into products. What makes RBH unique is that we approach the whole process in partnership: from the marketing concept through development, and from production through sales.

Mission and Core Values

Striving to succeed.
It is with vigor and determination that we seek to remain the leading product development Company in the health and beauty care sector. To this end, Team RBH will continually strive to:

  • Empower and challenge each of our colleagues to ensure that RBH is the strongest and most capable force within our marketplace.
  • Provide a safe and enjoyable workplace for all Team Members.
  • Offer our commitment, via our dedicated members, to make products which consistently exceed Client expectations for quality, service and value.
  • Provide our Clients with Industry leading ability to respond quickly to marketplace innovation, in product and package design, as well as branding and positioning.
  • Collaborate with our strategic suppliers to create the very best value- added product and service offering for the benefit of our client partnerships.
  • To operate this Company with a heart for people, a head for business, and a passion for bringing the two together.