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Reliance B&H offers high quality home use beauty devices with competitive price, effectiveness, cost-efficiency and safety. All RBH products are manufactured based on proven safety & efficacy, substantiated by rigorous use and scientific testing. Products include: Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, Thermal Sonic Facial Brush, Blackhead Vacuum Remover, Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber, Microcurrent Face Lifting Massager, RF Skin Tightening, and LED Light Therapy devices. We have established OEM and ODM cooperation relationship with many international brands. Technical innovation, quality assurance and reasonable pricing are the business principles that all we pursue.Beauty device manufacturer.


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Beauty Device Manufacturer


*Design* — Good design speaks for product itself. Every of our skin care device is well designed to be unique to stand out in the market competition. Our creative designer team is always inspired by the market trends and customers’ ideas.

*Engineering* — Our Hardware and electric engineers work closely with our designers to balance the design and actual product structure. The coordination enables the fulfillment of an ideal design to be practical and cost effective.

*Tooling* — Our tooling, molding, and plastic injection center contribute to bring the design alive physically. There are usually several revisions to make sure the housing is perfect for mass production. It usually takes 45 days to finalize a new product mould.

*Assembly* — Skillful production staffs follow the SOP of each step to assemble the parts together into a workable device.

*Quality* — IQC for Materials. On site QC for whole assembly process. All is to make sure qualified products are shipped to customers.


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Beauty Device Manufacturer

RBH aims to be a reliable partner offering quality beauty devices and adding value to our partners’ business. Welcome to send us a message if you like our beauty devices or just want to share ideas, WWW.RELIANCEBH.COM, Email: sales@reliancebh.com