Collagen Mask Supplier Full Turnkey Service & Innovative Result

Reliance B&H specializes in premium collagen Mask manufacturing & suppliers in China. we offer custom formulations and private label manufacturing services to build your brand. Our concept is to provide clients with one-stop, no hassle service. We take care of business from start to finish:  from concept to sampling to manufacturing and finally to a timely delivery. […]

Peel-off Mud Mask Supplier Full Turnkey Service & Innovative Result

Masks of all types have recently become a trendy and practical addition to the product portfolios of many skincare, cosmetics, and spa companies. To provide new textures and comprehensive customized solutions to the overseas market, Reliance B&H’s Custom Manufacturing provides a full turn- key service, which enables RBH to service custom mask products from the […]

How To Choose A COVID-19 related Supplier Under The New Policy of China Customs

In order to purchase medical supplies from China, you have to interpret the new Chinese Customs policy and understand how factories producing medical supplies are classified from Black List, White List, and Unconfirmed List. As China passed Announcement No. 12 back on April 25 to implement stricter transportation regulations on medical supplies, the world watched […]

Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Reliance B&H offers a variety of commercial hand sanitizer for healthcare facilities, retail stores, restaurants, offices, grocery stores, and convenience stores. Providing a means for people to keep their hands clean hands is a priority since Covid-19. Hands-Free anti-bacterial stations are considered personal protective equipment (PPE). Our touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are a convenient way […]

Reliance B&H Offer Hand Sanitizer Custom Private Label Service For Overseas Buyers

As the world faces the health crisis of COVID-19, many hand sanitizer suppliers commit their production resources to make custom hand sanitizers for private labels. This is a response to the shortage of hand sanitizers affecting not just health services but the entire community of many countries. Among these suppliers is Reliance B&H, which has increased their […]

Suspicious certificates for PPE

remark : this article is valid for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as protective masks (type FFP2 or FFP3), protective glasses and face shields, protective gloves and garments, etc. The conformity assessment procedures for medical devices (e.g. medical or surgical masks) are different and for those you should seek information from the relevant trade associations […]