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Masks of all types have recently become a trendy and practical addition to the product portfolios of many skincare, cosmetics, and spa companies. To provide new textures and comprehensive customized solutions to the overseas market, Reliance B&H’s Custom Manufacturing provides a full turn- key service, which enables RBH to service custom mask products from the very first step of R&D to the very end with filling & packaging. Explore new textures, formulations, and packaging options to add finished masks to your line of products.Peal-off mud mask supplier.

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Reliance B&H is a leader of forward- thinking cosmetic concepts, formulations, and peel-off masks as well as unique collagen mask formulations. With two sites dedicated to cosmetic production, an expert team of R&D and Regulator Specialists, and extensive packaging & labeling equipment, Reliance B&H is able to personalize products to your needs and bring your specific concepts to life.

Peal-off Mud Mask Supplier

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Peal-off mud mask supplier

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