Small size and efficiency

Active capture, rapid purification.
particulatesCADR 200m³/h.
Application area 8-25㎡.
size 325*172*510mm.

Multi-stage purification

The primary filter can be washed repeatedly.
Activated carbon adsorption high efficiently.
high resistance and high efficiency HEPA filtration.

Low noise

Front three-dimensional air intake design.
AC motor.
New air outlet process reduces windage.
Optimize the air duct process.

Intelligent monitoring

PM2.5 infrared sensor.
Odor sensor(Optional).
Touch button.
Filter life monitoring reminder.

Safe and secure

Child lock lock, prevent accidental touch.
ABS body material.
Non-toxic and harmless.
Power off once cr open.

Centrifugal wind wheel equipped with high quality motor,Excellent technology,Direct connection, Low vibration and low nois, High insulation performance, Small resistance;More stable operation, Quiet, safer and more energy efficient. Stator core of motor using plastic packaging technology、Windings and the like are integrally packaged with engineering plastics.
1. Low noise Due to the use of symmetric concentric encapsulation of the stator core and the molded structure,Thereby increasing the rigidity of the stator and reducing the noise;
The power of the plastic sealed motor under the power frequency power supply is 7 dB lower than that of the rigid case motor.;Under the variable frequency power supply, it is reduced by 9 dB, etc.
2. Small vibration Because the motor stator has become a whole,The small amount of unbalance of the rotor suppresses the generation of vibration.
3. Good insulation performance The insulation performance of conventional motors is between 10 and 100 Ω.The resistance of plastic sealed motor is below 10Ω, Corona Start Voltage (CSV) of theinjection molding is 1.2 times that of the ordinary varnish insulated motor
4. In additionPlastic sealed AC motorWith corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.
5. energy saaving 10% than ordinary motors