Product Description
1. Taihua original ABS engineering plastics;
2. The color can be freely matched and selected, with a minimum order of 500 units; 
3. lock and non-locked are free to choose;
4. DC and AC dual use, removable battery box; removable battery box can use larger liquid container; 
5.4 large battery (D) and 6V AC power adapter, suitable for national standard plugs; 
6. Table Top and wall-mounted integrated machine; gear and motor have a service life of more than 10,000 times; 
7.500,800,1000,1200 ml, standard square, oval and round container are available for you;
8. Dropping, spraying, foaming machine (using liquid: viscous and aqueous disinfectant, hand soap, foam liquid); 
9. It can realize the adjustment of the liquid output, the order quantity is 1000 sets; 
10. Safety plastic blister packaging, prevent damage during transportation.