Beauty & Healthcare Silicon Care Décolleté Pad To Eliminate And Prevent Chest Wrinkles

Due to the natural skin aging process, the increase of UV radiation or simply sleeping on your side wrinkles on your décolleté may appear over time and they do not disappear anymore without help.

The Silicone care Décolleté Pad now provides relief – comfortably and unnoticeably while you sleep. Existing wrinkles smooth out and the appearance of new ones will be prevented. The sensitive skin at the décolleté will be stabilized and regenerated in the long term.

Significant improvements can be seen already after few applications!

Beauty & Healthcare Silicon Care Décolleté Pad To Eliminate And Prevent Chest Wrinkles 01

highly effective, produced to GMP standards

The Silicone care Décolleté Pad is characterized by its high durability and excellent skin tolerance. The soft, extra-thin silicone also ensures a comfortable usage.

The cleaning is very simply with clear water without damaging the adhesion. The durability is assured for several weeks to some months depending on the application behavior and frequency.


Tips And Tricks To Make The Most Of Your Smoothing Patches

Step 1:

Always cleanse and dry your skin before applying the patches. Keep the area free of moistures
where you apply the patches.

Step 2:

Wear the patches for 6-8 hours while sleeping. Need a quick boost? Wear for a few hours anytime.

Step 3:

Place them on the enclosed storage shield after using. Rinse with water and a clear cleanser as needed.