Reliance B&H Offer Hand Sanitizer Custom Private Label Service For Overseas Buyers

As the world faces the health crisis of COVID-19, many hand sanitizer suppliers commit their production resources to make custom hand sanitizers for private labels. This is a response to the shortage of hand sanitizers affecting not just health services but the entire community of many countries. Among these suppliers is Reliance B&H, which has increased their production capacities to meet the rapid increase in demand for hand sanitizers.

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Hand sanitizers supplied by Reliance B&H contain 75% alcohol content, which is recommended during this health crisis. These sanitizers also contain moisturizing ingredients to protect the skin.

“As we battle this COVID-19 crisis, the company commits to providing hand sanitizers effective in proper hand hygiene. There is a severe shortage of alcohol in many countries today, and our way of helping is to supply hand sanitizers that contain enough alcohol content to make them a great alternative when washing hands is not convenient,” a Reliance B&H representative shares.

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Sanitizer gels can be customized according to brand requirements, such as the container and printing logo. Clients can also choose the content, such as waterless, alcohol content, and alcohol-free.

About Reliance B&H

Reliance B&H is a hand sanitizer supplier from China that has been in operations for more than 10 years. The company has earned complete export qualifications, including Dangerous Goods Transport Packaging Report, FDA, MSDS, and CE. Reliance B&H offers hand sanitizer gels and also welcomes private label services or OEM. To view its products or to request a quote, please visit or reach them through the following: